The Center for the Literary Arts Programming

The Center for the Literary Arts was created to serve as a hub for creative writing, translation, and different forms of literary arts and creative practice across the university and throughout the St. Louis community. Our goal is to generate new forms of exchange and cooperative experimentation not only in the traditional fields of creative writing and translation but also multilingual creative writing, new media, and inter-arts praxis. To this end, we are developing partnerships with literary, artistic, and cultural institutions throughout the St. Louis area to create programs in which literary and creative practices function as a bridge between academic and popular culture, and as a vehicle for social change.

The center’s programming is structured around three main categories, which are outlined below. We look forward to adding to and refining these offerings as we gather fresh ideas and feedback from all of you who are interested in what the Center can become.

Programming Categories

The WashU Creative Practice Workshop

The WashU Creative Practice Workshop will be an interdisciplinary workshop that provides an opportunity for WashU creative practice faculty and students across various fields to collaborate, produce, and share work. By drawing from diverse disciplines, the Workshop will offer its members a unique community of fellow creative practitioners that can support and challenge each other’s ideas and ambitions, while also providing a semester leave and dedicated workspace for individual scholars in creative practice to complete particular projects.

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The Literary Arts Resource Space

The Literary Arts Resource Space will provide a series of previously unavailable literary arts resource opportunities to the WashU and St Louis communities through a range of yearly programming, from professional masterclasses to festivals.

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Creative Community Support

The Center’s Creative Community Support programming will bring together various literary arts and creative practice communities across WashU and throughout St. Louis, helping to foster closer relationships between faculty in different departments and schools, supporting creative programs on campus, and offering a welcoming and exciting environment for the literary arts at WashU.

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